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Years of Experience

LoP Brand employs professionals who have years of experience in the marketing and strategic consultancy sector, alongside talented young people and digital natives.

Lorella Primavera

She began her professional career in communication agencies working in graphic design and PR, before making the move into the corporate world, where for over seventeen years she held various roles in Marketing, ultimately becoming Marketing Director. She has honed her experience in successful multinationals such as PHILIPS, FLOS, GENERAL ELECTRICS and GROHE. In the companies where she has worked, she has always been involved in developing innovative projects or new “Go To Market” models.
In 2015, she launched her own entrepreneurial project. She created a consulting model capable of reanimating the corporate system with experiences gained in other sectors and, at the same time, offering impartial critical observation of the organisational dynamics.


how was born

It was born in 2018 out of Lorella Primavera‘s desire to create a HUB of specialised professionals that would be able to offer, in a simple but effective way, the right solution for each company, in accordance with its needs and means.

The company is like a tree, having its own unique and unrepeatable shape, a “DIGITAL FOOTPRINT”, like any human being, complex yet simple and unique.

  • the deep roots represent the organisation that brings the sap and gives life to the tree
  • the crown is the vision that the world has of the organisation, the public image of the company
  • the trunk is its history, partly rooted in the ground, partly on the outside, open to the world.

To tell the story of a company means to understand all its parts, and the directions that its branches and roots have taken. It means pruning the dead branches and allowing the foliage to renew itself, giving rise to new leaves – but the most important thing is that its energy is not dissipated; it means starting out again from the trunk and channelling efforts from the centre toward the people, in a single BRAND IDENTITY.

We support companies in building their own Brand Identity to achieve healthy and lasting growth.

the vision

the mission

Our mission is to:

  • Provide tools for the analysis and planning of marketing activities, to be able to manage in an aware and effective way with the opportunities afforded by the Digital Transformation and Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Support the corporate teams in the process of acquiring the Marketing and Digital Strategy, as an integral part of day-to-day work
  • Help organisations to carry out specific marketing projects, arising from their own Brand Identity

We believe in the value of:

  • Sincerity – that guarantees and ensures a vision that is clear and free from compromise.
  • Curiosity – as a stimulus for continuous evolution and sharing of experience, but also for learning, culture and research.
  • Collaboration – the best projects and the best solutions can only be born out of collaboration between varied teams. We strongly believe in the value of collaborative work.

the values


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