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LoP Brand is an incubator for companies that want to grow and renew themselves

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We have over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Brands, providing Strategic Consultancy services to companies and support for the implementation of Digital and Offline Marketing. For us, each company is an idea, a story, an ecosystem... to be known, valued and accompanied in a constant process of regeneration, whilst respecting its Values and Identity.

What we do

We accompany start-ups, medium and large companies in outlining their Vision and Brand Identity. We specialise in Strategic Planning and Marketing Planning, Internationalisation and Digital Transformation.
We provide Temporary Management Services to facilitate the implementation of the Strategic Plan and Marketing activities, as well as the knowledge and ability to manage Digital Marketing tools.

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“The work undertaken with LoP Brand takes time because it is driven by the desire for analysis, depth and accuracy that distinguishes these professionals.

The Marketing Plan created contains the guidelines that are essential in order to better face the rapid and continuous change that the market imposes on us. It is invaluable work. “

“LoP Brand supported us in the creation and development of our internal Marketing structure. Passion, supported by experience and meticulousness in setting up marketing activities, helped us to acquire the right skills and to best set up internal processes for managing all activities: from online communication to advertising, from budget management to merchandising.Today, thanks to the valuable work we have carried out together, we can be proud of having a fresh and modern communication and a Marketing Management equal to our group.”

“Great professionalism, attention to detail, empathy for the project and the company team that she oversees.

Working with Lorella makes us feel looked after and supported. “

“I hired Lorella Primavera to help me manage the initial phase of the creation of Lorella looked after the creation of Desivero’s visual identity, the creation of the digital portal and the design of the Milan offices. She directly oversaw the selection of suppliers and their management in the implementation phase of the project. She contributed decisively to defining the strategy of the model.

Today Desivero’s turnover shows triple-digit growth. Thanks Lorella! “

Our Approach

Internal Assesment
A good Strategy starts with a deep and impartial Analysis of the company ecosystem. For this reason an Assessment is conducted, with a mixed method based on interviews and workshops, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.
Market Analysis
Observing the market, the competition and the innovation stakeholders is essential in order to understand if the company needs to review its strategy or just adapt its structure to the evolution of the market and the consumer. For this reason innovative models and latest industry trends are analysed, and a summary of the opportunities and threats is drawn up.
Setting Objectivies
On the basis of the SWOT Analysis, the Vision and Mission of the company is validated or revised, and achievable Objectives are defined along with the conditions necessary for success, in the short and medium term.
Marketing Plan
Once all the previous steps have been shared, the Marketing Plan is elaborated, with details of the Digital and Offline Marketing activities, implementation times, and the Budget to be dedicated to the various activities.

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