Enriching contaminations

“We are a HUB of professionals specialized in various areas of marketing and business consultancy, who collaborate in varied and open Teams, in accordance with the client’s needs and means.”

Lorella Primavera

In 2015 I stated my own Marketing consulting activity capable of boosting the corporate system through ideas and experiences gained in various markets and, at the same time, offering impartial critical observation of the organisational dynamics. An architect by graduation, I’ve specialized on marketing and digital strategy topics, with studies in Italy and abroad. After some experiences with graphics and PR, I developed my career in the marketing divisions of large corporations, such as PHILIPS, FLOS, GENERAL ELECTRIC and GROHE, where I took care of innovative projects and new “Go To Market” models.

In 2018 the LoP Brand mark was born, to identify the lively network of experienced professionals in the fields of marketing, strategy and digital communication.



A virtual meeting place, which – thanks to digital technology – is able to bring together trusted teams of professionals to realize the company’s project, according to its needs.

Marketing Director & CEO

Marketing & Data Analytics

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Digital

Brand & Marketing Communication

Business Development

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Lawyer and Internationalisation Consultant

Data Scientist

Why choose LoP Brand


We work in teams or individually and collaborate with the organisation or other external suppliers


We build the project based on the needs and resources of the company, starting from the real Brand Identity


We are professionals with many years of experience and extensive training in new digital trends.

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