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What is LoP Brand

LoP Brand is a HUB of professionals specialised in various areas of marketing and business consultancy, who collaborate in varied and open Teams, based on the needs of the company.
This is not a traditional consulting company but a Fluid and open Ecosystem, based on the GIG economy, where the working Team is composed according to the professionalisms necessary for the customer’s needs.
Therefore the company chooses, with absolute freedom, if the professionals are those with whom it is used to collaborating or if it wants to take advantage of the LoP Brand ecosystem.

The Partners

A virtual ‘agora’, or meeting place, which, thanks to digital technology, is able to bring together trusted Teams of professionals to realise the company’s project according to its needs.

Marketing Director & CEO

Brand & Marketing Communication

Lawyer and Internationalisation Consultant

Marketing Communication & Coach

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Data Scientist

Graphic e Web Designer

Why choose LoP Brand


We work in teams or individually and collaborate with the organisation or other external suppliers


We build the project based on the needs and resources of the company, starting from the real Brand Identity


We are professionals with many years of experience and extensive training in new digital trends

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