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How often does the choice of communication or digital agency turn out not be the right one for your company? What is the right budget to ensure good results?
Sometimes limited budgets or a lack of knowledge of digital or communication activities lead to choices of agencies or professionals that do not bring the desired results. This does not mean that digital does not work or is not suited to your brand, but that probably the right expertise was lacking, or the communication plan was not built on the needs of your brand.


Why our team

LoP Brand is not a communication agency but a Hub of specialised professionals, able to bring together a dedicated team to develop projects in many fields and applications: brand identity, websites, SEO optimisation, social media management and whatever else is needed to implement the Strategic Marketing Plan.


Each professional is involved only if necessary for the project to be developed for the brand, and the team can be composed from the LoP Brand hub, from other professionals selected ad hoc or suggested by the company itself. All to guarantee a project developed for specific budget needs and marketing results.

The advantages of the service offered:
  • 01.
    project management
    • LoP Brand guarantees that the project corresponds to the established objectives because it deals with the management of the project from the selection of the team to its realisation, all whilst adhering to the technical and communication characteristics established at the start.
  • 02.
    • By not having a pre-established team, we are able to put together the team most suited to the project according to the needs and requirements of the company. Selecting professionals based on their skills and the demands of the project itself.
  • 03.
    • Thanks to the coordination of the project carried out by LoP Brand consultants, we are able to ensure that the project is executed respecting all the characteristics defined in the brief to guarantee that the job is done well and efficiently.

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