The partner that makes your company grow

Each single client is one-of-a-kind, original and engaging, an ecosystem to know and accompany in the value generation processes, for its stable and long-term growth

Our brand includes a stylized leaf, a sort of fingerprint of the tree.

We believe that, like a tree, each company is the one-of-a-kind expression of a system, complex yet simple, that has:

  • ROOTS – the organization and identity elements that generate sap for the whole company
  • CROWN – the Brand Image, as it is perceived from the public
  • TRUNK – the company story that has been consolidating in time

That’s why we’re passionate about each client’s unique story and walk them through their projects, because we want to be the right graft to grow new foliage.

We support companies in building their own Brand Identity to achieve healthy and lasting growth.

the vision

the mission

    • Provide tools for the analysis and planning of marketing activities, to be able to manage in an aware and effective way with the opportunities afforded by the Digital Transformation and Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Support the corporate teams in the process of acquiring the Marketing and Digital Strategy, as an integral part of day-to-day work
    • Help organisations to carry out specific marketing projects, arising from their own Brand Identity
      • Transparency – for a clear vision free from compromises, without constraints created by company rules.
      • Passion – as a stimulus for evolution and cross-contamination, continuous learning and research to improve one’s work
      • Collaboration – innovative projects, and concrete and effective solutions, arise from different teams.

the values

LoP Brand is not a traditional consulting company but a fluid and open Ecosystem, where the working Team is composed according to the specific customer’s needs.

Therefore, the client is free to choose its usual network of agencies, or the ones proposed by LoP Brand.

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