The best strategy blends passion and organisation


Where does the Success of a company come from?

The Passion for its own project is the key element for a company success, but Success only comes when Objectives are clearly defined and activities and processes are Planned professionally.

A good strategy has three fundamental components:
  • curiosity
    • The constant search for innovation, trends, what the competition does and what is happening in other sectors is a key element. Innovating means being curious and wanting to experiment.
  • passion
    • Loving what you do is one of the most powerful fuels of success. Thanks to passion for the project, inevitable difficulties and failures are overcome, and you move forward with determination.
  • planning
    • Planning has the ability to transform an idea into a successful project, defining its direction and path. Without planning, even the most innovative project remains only a dream.

To ensure that a Strategic Plan is effective, none of these ingredients should be missing. It is important to continue to feed Curiosity, Passion and Planning, making constant adjustments even after defining the Long-Term Strategic Plan.


the key points

Our approach

To structure a good strategic plan, we work side by side with the organisation: we assimilate its true Identity, rediscovering the Passion that generated the project. We look at the market and trends with curiosity, and finally we elaborate the Long-Term Strategic Plan, outlining the time frame and actions necessary for achieving the identified Objectives.

  • 01.
    internal assessment
    • Through our proprietary assessment tool, TYBe, we accurately and effectively detect the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and the value identity of the brand. This allows us to effectively design the marketing strategy and provide a tool for assessing brand and company soft skills.
  • 02.
    market analysis
    • With curiosity we observe the market, the competition and the innovation stakeholders in order to understand if the company needs to review its strategy or adapt its structure to the evolution of the market and the consumer. The innovative models and latest industry trends are analysed, and a summary of the opportunities and threats is drawn up.
  • 03.
    setting objectives
    • Once the SWOT Analysis has been validated, the key elements of the Marketing Strategy and Identity of the company are defined, the Vision and the Mission, which represent the foundations of the Storytelling. Furthermore, the Objectives to be achieved in the short and medium term are established, determining the conditions of change necessary for success.
  • 04.
    marketing plan
    • Once the previous steps have been shared, the Strategic Marketing Plan is elaborated with detail as to the activities and processes of Digital and Offline Marketing, realisation time frames and the Budget to be dedicated to the various activities. This phase consists in the preparation of a document that guides the company in the Digital Transformation process without distorting its identity.

The objectives


Each company has a unique and unrepeatable DNA, a set of identities and energies that sometimes do not move in the same direction. Our goal is to help the organisation outline the new growth path, in a harmonious and inclusive way, to face the challenges of the Fourth Economic Revolution as a team.

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