Knowing the soft skills
of your brand

Measure the health of your Brand

  TYBe (Test Your Brand Evolution) is a brand assessment tool developed to evaluate the soft skills of the Brand. TYBe is able to give back a correct and accurate image of the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, identifying the elements that slow down its evolution and that could compromise the company’s profitability.

Which are the advantages of using TYB
  • test
    • Measure the perceived value of Brand Identity at all levels of the organization through a consolidated digital platform.
  • your
    • Identify the intangible elements of your Brand, make them yours and setting them into the daily operations of all employees.
  • brand
    • Analyze the Brand Values and their perception within the company, in order to manage strategic and organizational actions.
  • evolution
    • Give back an exact and accurate image of the strengths and weaknesses of the Brand, identifying the elements that could slow down its evolution.

TYBe is an accurate and objective tool for the assessment of company performance and Brand Identity. It has been developed starting from the elaboration of frame and analysis models, enriched with the contribution of a personal coach and data analysis, eventually perfected
through real cases experience.

An effective tool for Brand Identity

How does TYBe work

TYBe is a modeling tool developed to translate, in an anonymous and objective way, the perceived values in the company.

  • +
    digital platform
    • TYBe uses and integrates different models and competences, which are the result of empirical and digital experiences based on: Brand analysis and evaluation models; model fine-tuning through co-design sessions and surveys with the CAPI method; refinement of the survey with Personal Coaching methodologies and transformation of the survey into the CAWI method, and the use of Artificial Intelligence for data analysis.
  • +
    involving people
    • Through the digital platform it is possible to involve employees coming from different locations or lines of business, as well as any external collaborator that is part of the company’s environment.
  • +
    • TYBe allows you to quickly collect and analyze information and data, alternatively possible only with a long work that would need workshops and insights with “one to one” interviews.


TYBe measures the health of the brand and its state of evolution in order to give back a brand identity as a Person, by capturing the value elements which will outline the future developments. The tool allows a frequent use in time in order to define the performance evolution and evaluate its connection to the strategic plan.

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